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New Features: Data Services 4.2 SP7

There are a couple of interesting new features in Data Services 4.2 Support Pack 7.

Template table indexes for SQL Server template tables

Starting with version 4.2 SP7 Patch 1, you can create indexes for SQL Server template tables and define which columns the software uses to create the index. The index can be clustered, non-clustered, or unique.

When you create a template table, the software creates an index for that table, which you can edit by going to Properties –> Indexes. You can edit template table indexes created from supported datastores only (SQL Server). For more information, see “Template table indexes” in the Designer Guide.

Microsoft Azure PaaS and Azure VM support on SQL Server

In this release, Data Services adds support for Azure platform as a service (PaaS) and Virtual Machines (VMs) on Microsoft SQL Server databases a new option for datastore subtype. For more information, see “Microsoft SQL Server” in the Datastore section of the Reference Guide.

SSL encryption for SAP HANA and Microsoft SQL Server database datastores

Add the security of SSL encryption for both SAP HANA and Microsoft SQL Server databases with this release of SAP Data Services. SSL encrypts data that is transmitted across a network between the database server and SAP Data Services. Create a database datastore with SSL enabled and use it as a source or target in a data flow.

For example, confgure your Microsoft SQL Server database for SSL, and then create a Microsoft SQL Server database datastore with SSL enabled. When you use the datastore in a data flow, data transmits from the database server to SAP Data Services with the added security of SSL encryption.

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