mark brudos

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress website hosting and Linux system administration has been my passion for well over a decade. I use only my own blazing fast dedicated VPS servers to ensure a great user experience.

What do I offer?

Isn’t it hard to move my website?

No! I will take care of the migration and set up the site on my servers for you. We can even do the transition with virtually no down time!

Can you build a website for me?

Maybe if you just need something really basic, however hosting and performance tuning are my specialties. I can also refer you to some designers to help create a site.

Isn’t this level of performance and service expensive?

Normally it would be, but I’m able to offer this service to local Viroqua organizations due to the extra unused capacity on my servers. I love this community and want to share my abilities to make it even better. Hosting for a small-ish local website can be as low as $5-$10/month!

Managed hosting with 2 GB of space: $5/month
Additional space: $1/GB/month
Monthly off-site backups: included
Weekly (4x) or Daily (7x) backups: 20% of hosting cost/month

What about my email and domain? 

I can provide email service and domain registration for an additional cost. All services are billed quarterly or yearly.

5 GB email storage: $1.50/account/month
.com Domain name registration: $1.50/month
.org or .net Domain name registration: $1.75/month

How do we get started?

Send me a message via one of the links below!

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