July 24, 2020

Another boring website update

I pity anyone that stumbles upon this website! I’m having tons of fun putting it together, but from the outside this would appear awfully boring to most. In the past few days I’ve managed to post a couple of projects and create an experience section. I really like how the project section works, although I may play around with the layout/formatting of the listing of the projects a bit. I also added some of my recent professional experience to the home page. It’s tough to fit much detail in that section, so I may have to link to a proper CV at some point. It also doesn’t work great for co-mingling my volunteerism and hobby-related experience. Perhaps there will be a 2nd “experience” section for that.

Project updates

As mentioned above, I posted a couple of projects. The first one was an easy copy/paste of my old 60 Second Budget process.

I just noticed how easy it is to do links - no need to put the FQDN and it’s super easy to link upstream - nice!

This project is just a simple Google Sheet and process to quickly evaluate how much money someone has to spend until payday. Many people do this mental math, but often forget about recurring expenses, so I think it can be a handy tool to give people a little bit more budgeting structure without the major overhead of doing a full-blown budget.

The second project I posted was Data Integrity Checks for SAP Data Services. This is just a few chunks of hand code that I created to help out people who use SAP Data Services for things like loading data warehouses or in cases where the integrity of the data needs to be provable.

Other stuff

This week I’ve been taking a crash course on Google Classroom to get it all ready to go for school this fall. Putting together training materials, planning the rollout, getting ready to create a bunch of accounts. It should be interesting, to say the least.

Earlier in the week I sold a cracked bike frame to an interesting fellow who is a welder by trade and plans to try to weld it and make it his backup bike. What I thought was worthless turned out to be potentially valuable to someone else, which is cool. I wish I could have met him in person, but the timing didn’t quite work out - for once I had a place I wanted to be at a particular time - how novel is that? I hope his bike project works out.

Mark Brudos
Mark Brudos
Husband, Father and Data Management Professional