Now - July 2020

Now is a periodic update of where I’m at on some bigger projects: what have I accomplished since last time and what’s next? Click the now tag below or in the menu above to see all of these types of posts.

Update for July, 2020

No progress updates since the last report, since this one is the first! Below is what I’m up to now.


The summer seems to be flying by faster than it normally does! Right now we’re trying to keep the kids busy and sane, however Jordan and I are both plenty busy with work and trying to get ready for school in the fall (hopefully!). We’ve been biking, hiking, camping, boating - pretty much all the usual stuff, but with less social time - fewer people at our house for cookouts, which is a bummer.

What’s next?

  • Finish some projects around the house: various trim work and painting, install bathroom ventilation and shore up some water damage, organize the garage, etc…
  • Working on this site! Learning lots of new stuff about Hugo and the theme I’m using.
  • Wrapping up a few personal projects so that I can post them here.


I’m still working through some issues of working from home 100% of the time, but it’s going as well as I could have expected. Nothing has slowed down there - still cranking away on keeping things running while helping out with a big Coop-wide software implementation.

What’s next?

  • Ongoing project work for the next couple years. Yikes!
  • Learning all things SAP - in particular Process Integration. This is pretty much all new territory for me.
Mark Brudos
Mark Brudos
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