November 8, 2020

Here we are in mid-November and cases are on a major upswing. One surprise is we’re finding that schools are not major sources of outbreaks or community spread. At this time it seems like the 30-60 age group is driving the increase in cases. It seems like the combination of colder weather (driving people inside more plus lower humidity may aid transmission) and people getting fatigued with restrictions and/or not following quarantine guidelines is really driving cases up in the Midwest. This is just my hunch at the moment.

COVID-19 Cases by Age Group in Vernon County, WI

Since cases continue to trend in the wrong direction I’ve been spending much of my free time helping the kids’ school figure out what to do when. I really enjoy crunching all these numbers and building visualizations to help people understand the situation, but it does wear on a person over time.

In other news, hockey has started (it’s super fun trying to navigate that during a pandemic!), kids are getting older, we’ve been doing a lot of fall nesting and school is keeping everyone busy. It’s really been a nice fall for being outside - thank goodness!

Mark Brudos
Mark Brudos
Husband, Father and Data Management Professional