60 Second Budget

Why Can’t I (we) Stick To A Budget?

Budgeting is kind of like weight loss: we all know we need to do it and have a lot of success for a little while, but no matter how hard we try, the problem keeps coming back! How many times have you started over with a new budget or a new budgeting software? What starts out as fun (categorizing all your transactions) eventually becomes a chore (categorizing all your transactions) or a nuisance (oh no, I spent $1.37 over on groceries this week!). Or one partner in a relationship is on board while the other feels overwhelmed with all the complexity.

Why Does the 60 Second Budget Work?

Well, for starters, it really only takes about 60 seconds each week once you get it set up! Also, there is no categorizing of transactions or budget categories at all! You just figure out how much money you have and how much money will leave before your next payday (bills and other expected large expenses), leaving you a single number to keep in mind for your spending until the next payday. And you can spend it on whatever you want! Groceries, Starbucks, Target, whatever!

How Does it Work?

It’s so simple, I’m not even going to bore you with a video or tutorials or anything - just click on the template Google Sheet below and save a copy to your Google Drive or download as Excel.

DOWNLOAD –> 60 Second Budget - Google Sheet

Extra Bonus: No need to turn over your bank credentials or data to a random website!

What About Saving for Bigger Goals?

I’ve got you covered there too! There’s another tab on the spreadsheet for laying out and reaching your bigger savings goals. The spreadsheet assumes an automatic weekly transfer from checking to savings, which can be big or small. The sheet will calculate how long it will take to reach your goals based on the weekly transfer.

What if I Have Questions (or Suggestions or Feedback)

I’d love to hear how this method worked (or didn’t!) for you. Use one of the links under my picture below to contact me with any questions or feedback. Email is your best bet for a prompt response. Happy Budgeting!

Mark Brudos
Mark Brudos
Husband, Father and Data Management Professional